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now i will be completely critical because that is what you asked of me, learn from this and don't grow weiry. the overall composition lacks a little bit, it was a valiant effort but it is lacking in line art which is the foundation of most anime's and itis lacking in detail in the background. the background is a little off but well put together, you deffinitely did capture the wind waker feel, but link s proportionately incorrect. it seems as though you did this straight from the computer using paint. you should take the time to sketch out what it is you have envisioned, make sure it sits well with the eye from a distance and scan it into the computer. next focus on the line art that should really compose link and maybe some other details in the composition and then focus on color. you sure have the wind waker feel of link as well and since that is what you were going for you get points for that too. wind waker characters are about a mix of chibi style so practice the style, you can only get better. i wish you luck in this cause you do have talent and practice be your teacher XD
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MissStory Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you for the critique. Very much appreciated :hug:
Yeah I actually did this in SAI using binary, which allows pixels. And I do agree that next time I should sketch it out first, and I usually do but in this case I did not. About the lineart-I've seen plenty of pictures that don't use lines-I usually try to do cell shading/lineless as many artists I know do. But I guess I could start with a lineart to shape the picture and then get rid of them or something of that sort :shrug: I'll keep that in mind.
Again thanks much for your help :D
TwilightShooter Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student General Artist
well if that's the case the line art art is still the foundation of what shapes anything we create. you can get rid of them but they should always come first. once you get rid of the line art it looks somewhat like you have it now but a lot better, so also give it some dimention with certain shades and textures, these will give the image more life and a feel of realism, thanx for the request, i do hope it helps XD
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