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Finn the Ice Prince by Kima-chi

i love that i was given the chance to critique such a beautiful composition and by far one of my most favorite compositions of the bunch. let us begin with line art that is so maginificently done. the detail within these lines show very well even when you observe the detail from the distant background of bubble gum kingdom and the trails within the ice mountain. the color scheme is effectively used that you don't lose the line quality in which they are for. you really shine when it comes to the look and feel of your character. you used a refferenced image that made you draw this and you can really tell that you have your own style which you drew very well. when using the rule of thirds you really do see the entire compositions rules of importance; ice prince (finn), ice mountain, and bubble gum kingdom. i only think that with a little more of the warm colors blazing from the sun it would have really made this entire composition reach it's full potential. it is great and you did a lovely job. keep at it, you've got talent kid X]
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