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And Link Again by Past-Chaser

omj! i am honored to have the chance to critique such a beautiful piece of art. for a speed painting, this came out real well. the line quality is great, you did well to outline before the entire composition was colored. the blends of shades and tints are used very beautifully that you created splendid textures for link's outfit and his hair. the eyes are what capture me most about this composition, that it feels like a vivid living being when i look into it. my one and only flaw sadly is that link's mouth looks a little off, i think the spacing between the nose and mouth might be kind of close that it seems odd. it could just be me, other than that, this composition is platinum. for a speed painting consisting of 35 min. means there was room for error, due to the mixing of colors the accuracy to be considered in proportions, and time flows quite quickly. you did a fantastic job and this has been my favorite critique in weeks, keep it up XD
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